Sunday, March 23, 2008

Google as a person

Hahaha.. :D
Imagine GOOGLE as a person. I wrote a poem on it. ;-)

In the sea of variegated information,
People hunt for relevancy.
'Google' comes as an angel;
Crisp findings with 'timely' efficiency.

He is the jack of all trades;
Mathematical reasoning is his base.
Digital parchments exposed to the world,
Crawling like Spiderman is one of his phase.

His presence - inevitable at the 'nodes',
EXTRACTS even the abyss; he is a shrewd detective.
A razzmatazz of the 'binary' dimension.
A scientific and logical philosopher - yet creative.

His guile has numerous angles;
Contributing to cognition, creation and money,
The 'clicks' wand makes him a wizard;
He has all the solutions like the 'Bugs Bunny'.

I'm stupefied by this 'Internet' revelation;
This 'sginal' guy has an 'universal' attitude.
A paean for this scientific phenomenon is not enough;
Integration of humanity - his platitude.

Anand Bora

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monsoon dreams said...

u write so well!post more,pls