Thursday, December 03, 2015

Determinant Studios

So, it has been over an year since I have been running my firm, Determinant Studios. I work in merging technology and creativity and try to address problems of different industries. My focus has been to work with more and more creative people. Being with them comes natural to me and I learn a lot.

One of my very good friends, Patricia Frischer, became one of my first clients and over the last 1 year, I have worked persistently in improving and simplifying problems faced by her in SDVAN website.

Patricia writes about me on her website. Thanks a ton Patricia for those words.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Photography - Exploring the Lens

So, I have been out for long time. I need to get back to my writing but innovation is keeping me involved more than ever.

Meanwhile, I have been learning photography myself and honestly, it is fun.

Sharing my Flickr here.

Hope you like them.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Fiction or illusion, you belong to me.
The waves in my brain triggers a silence in your presence.
It is that inexplicable feeling, that insane serendipity --
My senses meeting yours.

Surreal or real, you belong to me.
You balance the warmth in my heart.
The intangible connection we share without cognizance;
My thoughts are not mine, but yours.

Time or timeless, you belong to me.
You are a part of me or I am a part of you.
I sleep, the body lives and you listen;
Existence is not mine, but yours.

Dimensions or spaces, you belong to me.
Your silhouette is a master's composition.
Organic as I am - you are life;
I am not mine, but yours.

Anand Bora