Monday, February 26, 2007

My Birthday

You people will be fascinated to know that today is my birthday
and I share my birthday with Victor Hugo and Micheal Bolton and
many other creative presons of history.

It is very ironical that a creative person is doing work in the
technology field. But thats how life goes.

The important thing is to DO YOUR WORK.
The more you get passionate about doing things,
the more you feel free and powerful.

This is what I have realized till date.


Friday, February 23, 2007


I am in the process of creating this romantic poem..
Wait one or two days....


Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Road that was

The Road that was
Beside my home
Leading to a an avenue.. to a highway
Unchanged through the test of time,
Witnessing me grow up day by day.

The Road that was
Stubborn, hard and tough
Toppling me, giving me 'unforgettable wounds' of algedonic nature..
My limbs and senses were on the receiving end
Gradually learning, I grew up in stature.

The Road that was
The home of helpless vendors,'essential' shops and discordant traffic
Calling me for my daily needs
Inducing innumerous visits..Uff..
'A Pandora's Box' were my deeds.

The Road that was
Cheering, jubilating and celebrating
When the epoch of festivals was going on;
The aroma of delicacies, cuisines and fun filled in the air
Oh! The times of joy and ecstasy are gone.

The Road that was
Loving and Caring
Parents, guardians, neighbours and the pedagogue
Nostalgia of affections haunt my memories
Melancholic am I? Those days have turned into a prologue.

The Road that was
My playground in those cool summer evenings
Elation became the order of the day
Friends, fun, furor, fantasy
Independent I was like the sun's ray.

The Road that was
Crying, sobbing and sad
My departure was on the cards
It was pleading, pacifying, requesting me to stay
Though heart broken, I had to leave those 100 yards.

Anand Bora