Wednesday, December 14, 2005


This is the sequel to something which I wrote long back..
A friend of mine, Mehtab, requested me to write the same.
So here it goes..

I compared death to the beloved. People have been contradicting
me on this thought but its just a thought.

You know you got to feel things up.
Then u can realize what beneath the written text.
In lots of my poems, if you closely analyse,
you get lots of meaning.
I write a compressed manner.
Leaving all that and back to where I started
Just think
that you are alone
you are breathing
you are sensing things around you
Mounting on to this scenario
Consider you are in a very serene environment..
Do you feel something.
I expect you do.
You may feel peace or fear or love
Did I say 'love'.

I just mean that.
Any human being first loves himself.
If you are on the verge of death, you wud like to live.
But just think about your ultimate goal.
Any human being ultimately wants to merge with almighty
He doesnt know that
But this is the truth.
And you have no way, but to believe this.
Death is all around you everytime.

We say that your wife is you soulmate.
That's what I say.
Death is your soulmate.
Hence by the property of transitivity
It turns out to be : Death is your beloved.

Whatever I wrote may seem to be crazy
But its just a thought.

You got to ponder...

One more last thing..

You always think that
whom do you love most?
whom do you care about most?
whom do you think about most?

It's you
You are important.
Your life is important.
Equally, your death is important.

Dont fear from her.
Let her be on your side.

Then you will feel happiness..
That's what everybody wants....

Anand Bora

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trembling Line

Sitting on the bench
On the verge of starting a new script
I look on...
The human trembling line.

Emotions pouring through the face
Distressed, disgusted and abase
Awaiting the parchment of life
Answers are the literal wife.

Confidence reflects on the physignomy
Determination shines on some...
That 'some' is an important factor
Others suffer due to lust of 'playful' nectar.

The line I refer to...
Is the queue of 'studs' on scrutiny
Performing in the hall wont be a cakewalk
Testing the mettle - a product of bark.

Words guiding the cardiac senses
Ink committing innumerous offenses
Hope....coordination remains incessant
'Period' makes the line stagnant.

Anand Bora

This poem was written in a very eccentric situation.
I was in my exam hall waiting for the exam to start.
I could see my batchmates sitting on the other bench
in a row. I thought of jotting down the emotions
exhibited by their faces.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Encounter the enigma of life
My desperados, your puzzles and their dilemmas
All happening in phases of life
Can’t do anything….. But encounter the enigma of life.

The tanginess, intricacies and depth
Beyond boundaries.
Bending down on knees, begging
Helpless!!! Encounter the enigma of life.

The genre of expressions
& the repertoire of feelings
Just the products of human heart
Materialistic….. Encounter the enigma of life.

Ups and cups, full of broth
Downs and frowns, bunch of faces
Nothing but senses prevail
No use…. Encounter the enigma of life.

The heart seems a grave
Kin is at stake
Brake ups and brake downs
Crackful isn’t it… Encounter the enigma of life.

Hallucinogens, narcotics, drugs, drinks
Imparting eternal happiness and peace
Only to terminate
Quagmire…. Encounter the enigma of life.

Warmth being frozen and poles being melted
Joys from an integral part
Have to continue living in prejudice
Absurd…. Encounter the enigma of life.

Anand Bora

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Travelling in Diversity

Colors, gradients, patterns and tiles
Variation encountered along through the miles
My sojourn featuring the truth
Differences apart, integrity lies in this national booth.

Testing the wheels are the rails
Tries to win, but always fails
'Bonding' remains the keyword
Though diverse, moving the India forward.

Class, creed, sect and religion
Bigger aspect is the point of region
All belong to the common crew
Like the vanishing point of a perspective view.

South to North, East to West
Travelling in India seems to be the best
Flavours, customs, living and lifestyle
Believe me, all are having Indian profile.

Language is the frozen wall with holes inside
But in this voyage, there's sun outside
Travelling in India has become my passion
The world knows, its' 'unifying' attraction.

Friday, March 04, 2005

By The Road

Walking by the road, I felt disturbed
Tangible though intangible…..
A sense making me fervent
A realization – spearheaded by, thoughts
overflowing with ‘natural’ flavors.
Greenery, though not of jealousy,
filling my heart with tranquility.
Serenity in my mind, provided
by this architecture of divine.
The chirps, the flutter and cackling
sounds like music to me.
Cleaning my convulsions,
like the meandering Ganges.
The austerity of the virgins,
belittled by this immortal bliss.
It’s the ‘nature’ I see,
Pure, placid and free.

This was designed at a moment I was going by the road.
I saw a tree and beneath the tree there were few girls.
Just above, there was a window projection.
A typical moment
A crow flew like you would see in the movies slowly
very slowly just like the cameras were running at
thousands of frames per sec.
A squirrel came by and there was something in its eyes ....
Nature overpowering everything in terms of beauty.

Friday, February 25, 2005

My Philosophy

Hey Guys,
Check this out...
My philosophy....
On death....that 's the truth.....

I think that death is a girl/boy with whom you fall in love the day you come on to this earth.
She/he always accompanies you everywhere...
You can feel it anywhere you go....
A sense of oneness is always there but you will always deny this..

The one who never care about him/her, never fall into trouble....
If you accept this thesis you will soon realize that...
you no longer fear death...

One more point to state here is when do you merge with your beloved.
The day when you die...
Your marriage with death is the most beautiful thing in your life as it
make you achieve oneness with God....

More on upcoming blogs...

Anand Bora