Monday, February 25, 2008


It's the 3rd anniversary of my blog. I wonder, how TIME goes by so swiftly. It always does so. The last year was a year of achievements for me and my blog too. I sometimes feel surreal that people rate me as an ONLINE ARTIST. May be, I am or I happened to be one. My zeal for learning never ends and the thirst keeps on increasing day in and day out.

When I first started writing my blog, it was named ENGROSS. The reason - A blog containing all the stuff I could do. I wrote the first post and asked my best friend PUNEET to review it. His comment was - "THIS IS NOTHING". Hmm.. really I think he meant right. Then, I renamed it as "Improvising Versatility" and started writing whatever I liked without even knowing that few people are reading them. And the words kept coming and I wrote lots of S*** :-D
I guess Puneet would know better. He is the best, the best guide and mentor I have had. Thanks a lot Puneet.

Last year, EV gave an award to my blog. It was soothing. As a person, I came to know myself better through the interactions I had with lots of people belonging to different walks of life. I am a member of the blogger group of Bangalore (Blogaloreans). It is another interesting concept where you get to know views of different people through their blogs.

I created two mathematical arts - Fusion and Infinitum (which I won't make public for sometime). I thank Abi from the depths of my heart. Coming from a small town in India, I could have never known about my potentials. He encouraged me to continue what I was doing. He helped me with the rightmost direction for me. I never had a guide in my life. He has shown me a path and I am trying to walk on it.

Professionally, I only enjoyed the two months when I was working as a technical researcher in a prospective project of frogdesign. Nothing more had the Services industry to offer me. Technologically, I learnt a lot but I always wonder - does it make any sense as most of the time I seem to be wasting my knowledge.

What more to write? The post would never end.
Finally, thanks Kim for another award. I would like your comments for the Monalisa I am creating. I am coloring it with water colors rather than Oil.

I would also like to thank all my friends (both online and offline) for supporting me.

BTW. It's my B'day tomorrow. After a long long time, I am going to celebrate it.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I'm done with the sketch of Mona Lisa. This is just a glimpse of the portrait. I'll paint it and if it doesn't come right, I will make another one and the process will continue until I'm convinced. I'll post the entire picture of the portrait soon as two important landmarks are approaching for me and for my blog.

Another Award

Thanks KIM for the Award.
It means a lot to me.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


These are some intertwined words which make you think every now and then.
These words keep tingling your mind and a person is driven by these factors in his life.

What is more important?
How do I parameterise success?

Does success mean - Getting into the best school, get the best education, get the best company to work for, get to work with the best people and make handsome amount of money.

What is the exact definition?

I am clueless and I am still trying to find the answer.

My friend says, Success is to achieve what you have been destined to achieve.
Is it so?
Then, what about the dreams? What about the ambitions?

I am still clueless.
May be someone would have the answer.

Some mathematical artworks