Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Time

Hmm.. I was pondering that when was the first time I did my first complete artwork. Hah! I was an interesting incident which I would like to share with my readers.
The first complete work was the painting of Lord Krishna done by sketch pens. I may be 10 years old. So why did I do it? That is an important point. At that time, I had never taken a training or learnt any form of art.
It so happened that one of my aunts had come all the way from Nepal to adopt a child at my native, Ranchi. There were lots of complications in the adoption process but somehow she could manage to do that. Moreover, her child fell seriously ill. The doctors said that there were very little chances of his survival. But I think the belief of my Grandma saved him. My mother took very good care of the child like her own son. After a week of serious illness, the child was outta danger. We all were so happy. My aunt was about to leave the city. That day, I thought of gifting her the Krishna.
So I sat down and started making the portrait of the Lord. It turned out to be beautiful.
Finally, she took both the Krishnas home. May be that Krishna is still helping me hone my skills.
I should tell my readers that I have never taken any formal training in ART but for some short courses in my childhood. It's very innate.I just feel happy doing these things, so I do it.