Thursday, March 29, 2007

Health took it all


I couldn't blog these days as I was struggling with my health.

Now I am better and raring to write.

My creation "The eyes say everything is ready"

Another one is also ready "Hand mirror and the comb"

Will post them soon..

Enjoy Life!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Eyes say everything!!

Another creation on the line up!!

Got inspiration...

Getting it ready..

Monday, March 12, 2007

With You

Adolescence was at its prime stage,
And I was strolling down the park.
Loneliness was at its outrage
And the beautiful world seemed so dark.
Serendipity happened and strange feelings emerged from the first encounter with you.

The heart started to fill with softness
The ambience began to ooze amative emotions.
Your company was nullifying my emptiness;
I began to make lovely assumptions.
Soothing was the first meeting with you.

I could smell you in the wet earthly soil,
Your presence could be felt in my empty times.
You were pulling my life out of turmoil,
My dreams comprised your fancies and sweet rhymes.
Passionate fraternity became the first friendship with you.

Your beautiful eyes asked me questions,
Your perfect lips resembled rose buds.
Your flowing long black hairs were 'winds' annotations,
Affection grew and we became love birds.
Ethereal romanticism was the first love with you.

Your talk was like the smooth drizzle,
I wanted to bedraggle myself forever.
Our love intensified and began to dazzle,
My senses caught the incurable fever.
Pinnacle of 'LOVE' was the first kiss with you.

You became a part of my life,
And so did I.
Unfortunately!! Ruthless time created a rife,
I had to ask a question, WHY..WHY..WHY?
Inexorable pain became the partition with you.

Anand Bora

Sunday, March 11, 2007

"With You" is ready!!

I kept the readers waiting for long....

The wait is over..
I will post this new creation tomorrow..

The contents of the poem never relates to me..
I have never experienced such a thing..
It is just what I felt like writing..
So it may happen that many of you may not like the poem as well..
Whatever be the case, I still would like comments from your side..

The romantic creation proceeds in the following manner

"Adolescence was at its prime stage....."