Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mathematics & Love

Once a Mathematics Professor went to propose a girl.
He said, "O my lady! Would you accept my -(1+sin(t))
and tie a Mobius knot with me for lifetime."
I plotted the graph at this site.
It's a rotated Cardioid.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Just a moment

I wrote this one when I was in 11th Grade. Hence it is a bit immature and inane.

One out of three is on the roll followed by the other two;
It's just a moment.

The dreams are made and shattered,
It's just a moment.

The scenario changes every other second,
It's just a moment.

Critics turn admirers and contrary the other moment;
Dramatic. Isn't it? But it's just a moment.

Skyscrapers bending to kiss the bottom,
It's just a moment.

Wild nexus - Politicians and criminals,
It's just a moment.

A tree is being freed;
Sarcastic. It's just a moment.

Opportunities in life gone begging,
It's just a moment.

An innocent thrown in dungeons of brothel.
It's just a moment.

Oh! Life being brutally massacred,
It's just a moment.

Moments mapping the whole life;
It's just a moment.

Anand Bora

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Durga Puja

Yesterday, I successfully completed my Navratri fasting (fasting for
9 days).
Maa Durga has been a revelation in my life as her blessings have
always been on me.

I was happy that my dedication towards the goddess was increasing.
At the same time, I was sad that I could not go to my native place
and enjoy the fun during "DURGA PUJA". It's been five long years
and I still miss it.
The crowd of devotees, the hustle and bustle of the Puja pandals,
the cuisines.
Why is it that the Puja is not celebrated in the same manner
in Bangalore as in the eastern part of India?
I know this question doesn't make much sense as every place
is different with its variegated culture and tradition.
Still, this question unconditionally hovers my mind.
In Hindi, we have a saying, "Jaisa Desh waisa Bhesh"
which means "As the country, so is you guise."
So that's how it is.
Nevertheless, I pray that the goddess usher her blessings
over all the beings of the World.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ever wondered, how alone is a tree!

Some time back I thought of posting this one but did not post it.
I think it is not very well written. May be I'll improve it.

So here it is,

Solitude of the tree, an inkling of 'life',
Is so unknown, night and day;
We enjoy the shade and its halcyon ambience,
Instantaneously, our worries get blown away.

The tree bears the 'ruthless' Sun,
Stubborn life is the stubborn tree,
It stands the deluge of 'time'
Strong foundation is the key.

Wrath of nature impounded on the body,
Loses leaves, loses magnificence, loses tenacity,
Still it stands tall against the odds;
Its solitary life is full of acerbity.

Onset of spring - the greenery flutters;
Cheers, joys, happiness
Inside it discovers, it is still alone,
Lies are more and truth is less.

The feelings - underneath the bark,
Oozing droplets of sap - one, two, three;
Life and tree are essentially analogous,
Ever wondered, how alone is a tree!

Anand Bora

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Creativity Unleashed

I have been a reader of a blog called Damn Cool Pics.
In a recent post called Creative Work of Art from Ordinary Things, they have shown some extraordinary stuff. The reason I am writing about this post is that I had done some creative work of such kinds in the past. It is unfortunate that I don't have any pics coz most of such things I gifted to others who are important to me. Nevertheless, the mentioned blog has become a photo gallery. Hope you enjoy it.
In the next post, I will post something for which I have kept my readers waiting for a long time.