Monday, June 29, 2009

Sketchcrawl on The Times of India

Great! The Times of India covered our Sketchcrawl in today's edition in the Tribal Instincts section.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The fugue of feminism

With the onset of life, she was the positive;
Adding the emotional dimension to man.
Her linear thoughts on the complex plane;
She's the success of a clan.

Her jaded locks are like floating splines;
Eyes resembling the spherical Yantra.
The nose is a truncated pyramid;
Lovely lips have proportional MANTRA.

The perfect figure -- creation of an artist;
Mapped by the nurbs of ethereal sculpture.
INFINITE inner strength and patience,
Her beautiful extrapolation holds the future.

Her aroma radiates in a solid angle,
Smells like the earth drenched in the rain.
She infuses recursive attraction;
A complex algorithm is her brain.

A solving variable for familial equations;
Integrating happiness - she is man's isomorphism.
A mathematical eulogy in her praise;
I create the fugue of feminism.

Anand Bora

Answers to the quiz

  • Cricket or Baseball
  • Answer
  • Religion
  • Teaser
  • Mobile or cell phone
  • Cut, copy and paste

Friday, June 05, 2009

A quiz

Lets play a MAGE (Do I really mean MAGE or GAME?)

Again my age old characters Jamvanth and Hanuman are engaged
in a talk full of puzzles.

Jamvanth: Which is the sport in which you are free to use the long handle?
Hanuman: (Thinking).....
Jamvanth: Simple... ?

Jamvanth: Another question. I tied a knot in your mind, how would you unwind?
Hanuman: That's creepy. I'm absolutely not sure what are you talking about?
Jamvanth: Hahahaha.. Simple.. You'll ?
Hanuman: What!

Hanuman: You are confusing.
Jamvanth: Ok. Now an easy one. What is the philosophy involving a relic and a legion?
Hanuman: Oops! Hint please!
Jamvanth: The answer lies in the question.
Hanuman: I'm clueless. Hmm.. Is it CULTURE?
Jamvanth: Hmm.. You are close.
Hanuman: I don't know. What's the answer?
Jamvanth: ?
Hanuman: I should have got that one.

Jamvanth: What comes before a movie releases. It is thrilling, exciting, astounding, scintillating,
enticing and refreshing?
Hanuman: So many words of praise. Which movie is releasing in the next weekend?
Jamvanth: Give me the answer dude. The hint lies in the question and it is a one word answer.
Hanuman: Is it a TRAILER?
Jamvanth: Damn! Try hard. You are getting there.
Hanuman: I don't know what is the exact word you want.
Jamvanth: It's a ?

Jamvanth: What is the one useful thing which is a subset of a battery or a human liver?
Hanuman: I'm bowled on this one.
Jamvanth: Oh gosh! This one is a disruptive technology.
Hanuman: Still not getting it.
Jamvanth: ?

Jamvanth: Very well. What's the action that: "chopping users' texts, cloning of paper yard, patching at soft trivial enclosure."
Hanuman: Make complete non sense.
Jamvanth: Sometimes you should try to make sense in non sense stuff. Just think how a mother makes
sense of her children's nonsense talk.
Hanuman: But your words make really no sense.
Jamvanth: They do. Try to think about the question and answer.
Hanuman: No way!
Jamvanth: ?

Answer all the questions if you can? They are marked as "?"
I'll post the answers soon. :P