Friday, December 22, 2006


Silk drooping down the asian face
Covering the angel, enchantment is BLACK.
The saviour reflects the essence divine
Hypnotising the mind, 'maya' is BLACK.
Education has a fruitful termination
Degrees.. handling is BLACK.
Youth is the creme of life
Signs. Variety apart, the positive is BLACK.
Artist moulding art and design
Immaculate, pen is BLACK.
Virgin flooded with diamond line
Sparkle.. the 'source' is BLACK.
The time for departure has come
Kin's attire.. The feeling is BLACK.
Ability, abnormality, out of ordinary
Helpless.. struggle is BLACK.
Kills and Bills for bovine beings
Leather.. Luxury is BLACK.
Betraying the inside, foxing outside
Reflections... shadow is BLACK.
The truth is certain and certainity beholds
Impasse eliminated.. 'Truth' is BLACK.

Anand Bora

Monday, December 11, 2006


In this ephemeral sojourn of artistic cognition
People enjoying the essence of colors
Their faces exhibiting various expressions
Caught in the delusion of art.

An unsaid feeling in their eyes
Curiosity is obvious, the child in them is redefined
Asphyxiation of needless fear flickers in the cornea
Here glass is not required, your contribution is 'dear'.

Freedom of thoughts and expressions
Backtraces to freedom of mind
Odds and ends in your capital
Embossed on the paper creating 'colorful' rhyme.

Extraordinary people from the crowd
Like a rose in a bunch of jasmine
Freshness shines...
Hope... The thought also shines..

An honest statement asserting emancipation
In favour of the 'evergreen' art
Efforts of the multitude - should they know
They 'll have to 'relieve to believe'.

Anand Bora

The poem was written on the SOF Art activity conducted
on Nov 26th, 2006. The title of the poem is given as such
because of the following instance. I was thinking what to
write and it seemed like I had a blackout in my mind.
Then I wrote 'Relieve'. The word was changed to 'Believe'
by vasundhara Das. I gave it a thought and correlated
the situations. Finally this poem came up.