Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Last Saturday I attended Barcamp at IIM-Bangalore. It was simply great to meet new people (predominantly techies). I guess I was a techie who was totally different and who had different things to show. Apart from the jargon of codes, it was more of a social interaction where people shared their thoughts, ideas and had productive discussions on different technological issues.
Though the Barcamp was scheduled for 2 days, I could attend it on Saturday only. There were a lot of collectives(groups) talking about variegated stuff. In our bloggers collective, basically blogging was the real issue.

How to Blog? What to Blog? Why Blog?

These questions were adequately answered by bloggers who had been blogging since long time. KK gave a nice presentation on Widgets. I think I will get minekey on my blog. lol.

What more...

I did have a look at other collectives and 1-2 sessions which were quite impressive too. Also, I did enjoy some discussions people had about blogging.
All in all, the unconference was a nice place and nice opportunity to learn and meet new people from different walks of life.

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