Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I talk to the rain

The flow of rain, cursive,
Running down my skin,
And upon her crisp, smooth curves--
Her divine touch makes me shiver;
Walking on .... I talk to the rain.

She plays with my body,
Mind and soul alike.
The pearly raindrops sunder my soul,
Both rational and irrational.
Walking on ... I talk to the rain.

The rhythms of falling drops
Rings deep unto me;
Her words are "binding"
Like deep thoughts plunging in time;
Walking on ... I talk to the rain.

Her character, beyond human satire,
Impartial elegance, contrary to fire;
Her serenity emerges inside and out,
Cleansing the world - her pride without;
Walking on ... I talk to the rain.

Streams of drops, turning into a line,
Relieved of tension, I feel divine;
Purging my vices under her care,
The Liquid Maiden seems placid and fair,
Walking on ... I talk to the rain.

"Dear Rain! Your elysian touch
Has cleansed my physique as much."
"Noble friend, I am but honored,
I am just glad you remembered."
Walking on ... I talk to the rain.

Anand Bora


Yuna said...

The poem is SO beautiful!

Tetka said...

I feel your thoughts as you walk in the rain.
Eloquent and yet sensual.
Beautiful, Anand.
Kudos to you,

Anonymous said...

The imagery here is awesome. what a beautiful poem.

Shilpa said...


Κ.Π. said...

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