Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Translation of 'Main Shayar Badnaam'

I, the infamous poet, I.. bid goodbye..
A failure in the concert; I.. bid goodbye..
I, the infamous poet, I.. bid goodbye..

You'll find some things from my home,
You'll get a couch book of poetry belonging to a crazy poet,
You'll get one more thing,
A broken empty wine glass; I.. bid goodbye..
I, the infamous poet.

I had to walk on the flames,
I had to sleep on the thorns,
And I had to cry my heart out over my destiny,
Don't know how many such kinds,
I left the remaining work; I.. move on..
I, the infamous poet.

The road is stopping me,
Dregs of life is left,
Don't know what desires remain in my broken heart,
Oh..Leave it my heart.
I salute everybody and I.. bid goodbye..

I, the infamous poet, I.. bid goodbye..
A failure in the concert; I.. bid goodbye..

Anand Bora
This song 'Main Shayar Badnaam' is from the movie Namak Haraam.
The song was sung by Kishore Kumar and the lyrics were given by
Anand Bakshi.


Eastcoastdweller said...

You are a gifted writer indeed. Jeane Michelle recommended that I visit Your blog, so here I am and I like it!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

soul touching !!

anandi said...

Thanks Haripriya.

Himanshu Tandon said...

Hi.. Shaayar ka divaan is the book of all his works like diwaan-e-ghalib.. not the North Indian connotation of a wooden bed with a box..

so the translation would be .. one will find the book of poetry .. not the couch


Kiran Patil said...

Good to have translation
Good to know the meaning of Diwan from Himanshu.

anandi said...

Thanks for the correction HImanshu. I will update the post.

Balaji said...

I am a Tamilian whose Hindi is broken at best. I've always loved this song without understanding it even! Now I respect it more, thanks to your poetic translation. You must be a good writer too. It shows!

Unknown said...

I am thankful to you for the translation which is hardly found attached to the song for a non-Hindi speaking person like me. I am an ardent ever-growing admirer of the legendary singer Kishore Kumar whose lyrical voice and style I prefer to practice. Thanks once again to you.
Expecting some more Musically yours,
Santanu Nandan Bhattacharjee
Advocates' Bar Association

Andy said...

Thanks you everyone.