Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A good weekend

I guess last weekend was one of the most memorable ones.
Thanks Chia for wishing me a great Sunday.

I had fun all through the weekend. Loads of ecstasy and
elation coming after long time. The work (which at most
times becomes boring) had become so stale for me. I wanted
some time out of all these stuff which I did.

I went to Hyderabad to meet my cousin, Amit who is pursuing
his MBA for ICFAI Business School. I reached there on Saturday
morning. Initially, I had plans for meeting one of my college
friends, Shudhatm, whom I consider an excellent programmer but
he is an underachiever as a techie. Hence, I went to meet him and
did enjoy his company. We had a good lunch in one of the restaurants
nearby. The food, no doubt, was delicious.

In the next phase of my sojourn in the city, I met Amit
in the evening. We enjoyed some South Indian Cuisines at
Chutneys restaurant. After loitering a bit in the city,
we moved on to the College. I enjoyed the little time
I had, making new friends and meeting new people in the College.

The next day was Friendship Day. Amit and his group of 6 other
friends had plans for some hangouts in the city. Obviously,
I was the pivot point for deciding our itinerary for the day,
as I was the guest. lol. I didn't know about the place, so I
rested my decision on Amit. To my surprise, there were 7
prospective managers in front of me, but none was able to decide
about the place of visit as we had resource (time) constraints. Huh..

Anyways, we were in the bus and we thought we will decide once
we reach the city. In the bus, we could not stop lauging as
all the guys in our group kept pulling legs of each other.
Amit and Pratik(Amit's best friend in the college) kept gibing
each other which infused spontaneous laughter. The talks of Navratan,
one of the toppers, were more so related with studies but
with a sense of humor. Finally, this interesting guy Anish. He was always involved
with his mobile. Intermittently, he would interrupt and talk to us
and pull somebody's legs. After that, revert back to his mobile.

"He is always involved in his miss calls", Amit joked.

Even after reaching the city, we could not decide the place
we should visit to enjoy ourselves. We kept entering and exiting
malls and restaurants. I was getting frustated. The whole
process became tiresome and I was damn hungry. Consequently,
we moved to a place called Eat Street. We had lots of different
kinds of stuff to satisfy our tummy's outrage. lol. Thereafter,
we visited Birla Mandir which is a peaceful temple in the heart
of the city.

I was to leave at 1820 for Bangalore and it was already 1600 by my watch.
We moved to a Westside Mall nearby where we smothered our
precious time by window shopping. Just kidding (smothered!!).
We dawdled around a little bit on the roads, taking snaps,
capturing videos and making fun of each other.

At the end of the day, the whole body ached but the moments
of happiness and joy became memorable.

Anand Bora

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