Thursday, January 14, 2021

Visionary Dream

Sounds as it may,
The dream makes a noise;
The grey matter and the signals-
The manifestation is far from advice.

The layers of my dream;
Is it a vision or a hallucination?
Or a 'deja vu' from life.
It's a world of emancipation.

Time is perplexed in the dream,
Space unwinds to infinity.
The dimensions converge and diverge concurrently,
A platform of happiness and adversity.

The 'focused' dream with open eyes;
The vision of a 'logical' life.
The fog between the real and the imaginary -
Your mind is caught in a strife.

Semantics flow in the river of imagination;
The iteration in a dream is a 'fractal'.
My friend, your physical self is your Karma -
Create a dream and you are immortal.

-Anand Bora

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