Friday, December 07, 2007

It's so soothing

Today I got my first blogging award, not on this blog though. I am very excited as my first award means a lot to me.

It's for the Ambigrams Blog which I update every now and then. I am very thankful to EV Nucci for honoring me with Southern Cross Award.

EV is a phenomenal person with pristine attitude towards life. She says that her middle name is Tenacity and Perseverance. This statement itself denotes her supreme character and intrepid human soul. You can read more about EV on her blog.

The award has been created by another amazing artist, Kim Barker who lives in Sydney, Australia. I thank Kim too for creating such a wonderful award. You can see the artworks of Kim at Laketrees.


Unknown said...

Tahniah! (Congratulation in malay)
I'm so happy for you. Keep up with your good work. You deserve it! Have faith in ur dream!!! God speed!

Mudit said...

Congratulations !! You always rock.

Kim said...

Congratulations on your first award Anand !!!
I have had a look at your artwork too ...the portrait of Natalie Portman is very very good....
you should think about submitting your blog to my Top 101 Artists' List...
have a wonderful weekend :)
regards Kim

One Wacky Mom said...

Anand, You deserve it my friend...

It looks beautiful over here...on your blog!

And Kim...she is a beautiful person...and a dear friend of mine!

Congratulations...Display it on this blog too! Make sure you link into Kim...Bless you my friend!

anandi said...

Thanks a lot EV..
I 'll cherish it for a long time.