Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Working Anniversary

I have been suffering from illness since last 20 days or so.
Hence, I wasn't even able to update my blog.

Anyways, I completed one year in the company on 4th of September.
To be true, I do not feel anything. It's because whatever projects
I have been involved in, have been very boring but for a conceptualization
project (obviously a futuristic one). Overall, a monotonous experience.
But I did learn a lot, though I did it myself both on telecommunications
and web domain.

There have been two persons (both top Technology persons from IITs) in the company
who have been most impressive. The sad part is I could not learn under them for
long time as I had to move to Bangalore from New Delhi. So I thought
of mailing to one of them and also show him some of my recent works.

I got a reply -

"You are incredible ... as always ... "

and lots of such stuff and suggestions.

I was also once appreciated by the CEO of one company as

"You can be an asset to any company."

But all this does not mean much to me.
After  all, I am doing uninteresting work which I am
trying to make into an interesting one. More so, I think
my knowledge and my skills, both reside only in the alcoves
of my mind.

When would I get the chance to unleash my ideas?
May be sometime.

Anand Bora

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