Monday, September 17, 2007


Wondering? What does it mean?

It means -

Yesterday, I attended DCampBangalore at Yahoo! campus
in Bangalore. I must say, it was a very different experience
to listen to UI heads of Google, Yahoo, Oracle and Sun
Microsystems. Apart from them, there were other guys who
talked about User Experience & User Interface Design.

Now, coming back to where I started. The PSBEA thing.
Talking about User Motivation, Navneet from Google
explained things on the Basis of Abraham Maslow's Principles.
These Maslow's principles were characterised in the
above format (I took the liberty of forming an acronym
of the same for this post ;)

Another interesting topic was Enterprise 2.0.
After the presentation by Amit Pande, I was just wondering,
how effective can it be to any enterprise. It can
remove a lot of problems of any corporation. For instance,
most of the companies, today are experiencing ATTRITION
problem. I guess, this is more because of Crap Work & Work
Culture, rather than employee satisfaction. A social approach
in an organisation would definately help cut down employee
dissatisfaction as employees would be interacting more and
in turn, would generate some good work and ideas among
themselves consequently benefiting the company.

There were lots of other interesting speakers whom you can find
on the Wiki page of DCampBangalore.

Apart from this, I was impressed with the demo of Microsoft's
product called Silverlight. Additionally, another product
called Expression was also featured which I think, I will
definately use in the future.

Overall, the experience was really fruitful and gave an
insight into the vast emerging dimensions of User Experience.

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