Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thirteen Strangers

I attended a Blogger's meet on Saturday. We have formed a group called
BLOG'A'LOREANS which consists of Bloggers from Bangalore.
I wrote a small poem for the meeting and also an ambigram for the group.
The details about the meeting can be found here.


Thirteen strangers from diverse backgrounds,
Come together to echo common sounds.
Purpose, objectives, ambitions and will,
They have enough minds to drill.

Thoughts, ideas and interactions,
Gradually developing into productive communications.
Blogging has been a common interest,
Here, the gregarious youth is full of zest.

'Freedom of speech' seems the common theme,
With time, the group will expand its realm.
'Web' is building a blogger's fellowship,
A greater reach, a social network, a 'virtual' ownership.

Anand Bora


Unknown said...

truly versatile.!!
you rock


Harinath Pudipeddi said...

Fantastic writing...keep it going...:)

None said...

I wrote a poem called 'Vagabonds in Spirit'.
Your poem reminds me of it.
I think it's time to search for it and add it to my blog ;)

In other words, I love your poem my friend!


Jerry said...

nice poem you got here..

good to know that u wrote it for us, blog'a'loreans