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Bangalore South, who should I vote for?

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I have stayed most of the time in this constituency of Bangalore since I started working here. I have made it a point that I will be voting this time and to the rightmost candidate from THIS CONSTITUENCY. Voting should be done for the representatives and not for the leaders.

So who should I vote for? It is a difficult question as the candidates looking to contest from this place have pristine credentials. But do credentials matter with us, hypocrite Indians? Yes, they do. We will always fall for the bigger player irrespective of the vices he/she might have committed. That is why the marketing agencies are thriving and making big bucks. Nevertheless, coming back to my point of voting in my constituency.

I went to this website of Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka and looked up for the candidates from this area.

They are Ananth Kumar from BJP and Umadevi M from Socialist Unity Center of India (Communist). If you kept track of news, you'll know that Nandan Nilekani from Congress and Nina P Nayak from AAP would also be contesting from this constituency. They are yet to file their nomination though.

As I earlier said, that being a responsible citizen, I would like to choose a responsible representative and I am least bothered about the leader who this representative would be talking to. A right representative would always fight for his own people. Hence, I have thought of doing a catharsis of this portfolio of the candidates from this constituency based on the details available on-line. I am no political expert to give judgement but this is only my personal opinion.

Ananth Kumar is a veteran in politics and supposedly an honest politician. He is son of the soil and a well-qualified person. I am really not sure of how many good things he might have executed in this area in his last five outings in the Parliament but I know that he is a down to earth person who is always ready to help out people. His wikipedia page shows that he was alleged with involvement in misusing funds in 2005.

Umadevi M of SUCI doesn't have enough online presence but I found an article on Hindu which says it all. Coincidently, she is also an activist which shows the nature of the election 2014.

Nandan Nilekani is a well-known face globally and he has proved his worth in the corporate sector. Mr. Nilekani surely has an impressive resume of management which is unquestionable. He is also one of the architects of India's IT dominance. But.. If anybody has worked in the corporate sector as any kind of employee, he/she knows about the corporate politics and what it takes to rise to the top. He seems well suited for the kind of politics India has seen over the years as he comes from a similar background. Corporate and politics are almost similar with the difference that corporate has everything done in professional way. He seems a progressive candidate but the irony is he is sitting in the wrong boat destined to drown.

Nina P Nayak is the candidate of Aam Aadmi Party. If you google about her, you will find that she has been working as an activist for child welfare for over 30 years. She seems a person who is more connected with the dilapidated women and children of society. I am not sure how she is going to represent this constituency. Bangalore South is predominantly a mash-up of small villages and posh layouts. She might have done a lot for the state but how is she going to value add to this constituency is uncertain.

My view? I reserve my right to choose the right candidate until I reach the polling booth. I will weigh all the aspects which might benefit the people of the constituency and the country in the long run.

P.S.: If you like writing and have a blog or similar thing, just do write about the candidates in your constituency. It might help people make a right decision for their constituency and for the country.

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