Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The fugue of feminism

With the onset of life, she was the positive;
Adding the emotional dimension to man.
Her linear thoughts on the complex plane;
She's the success of a clan.

Her jaded locks are like floating splines;
Eyes resembling the spherical Yantra.
The nose is a truncated pyramid;
Lovely lips have proportional MANTRA.

The perfect figure -- creation of an artist;
Mapped by the nurbs of ethereal sculpture.
INFINITE inner strength and patience,
Her beautiful extrapolation holds the future.

Her aroma radiates in a solid angle,
Smells like the earth drenched in the rain.
She infuses recursive attraction;
A complex algorithm is her brain.

A solving variable for familial equations;
Integrating happiness - she is man's isomorphism.
A mathematical eulogy in her praise;
I create the fugue of feminism.

Anand Bora


Kim said...

I don't know the answer Anandi...but it's a beautiful poem !!..
you have been doing some great work especially the peace work and the logo design :)
have a great weekend ..I'm very busy painting fairies ;)

Chaitali said...