Friday, November 28, 2008


"When will the IRON MAN inside the comman man rise to the occasion. When will we realize our responsibilities. When will we (the common man) realize our powers. Vote for the right people and get rid of the CHALTA HAI attitude?" This is the first thought which comes to my mind when I think about the heinous acts of terrorism which took place at Mumbai recently (continues as I write this post). The IRON MAN of India, Late Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel would be rather ashamed of the situation India is in these days. This situation is not because of the politicians but because of the people of India and the Indian society.

We talk about racism, regionalism, castism and all kinds of CRAP dividing the society. And yes, we follow it bindfolded. Isn't it true. Yes it is. At all levels of society, we follow the dividing policy which somehow has crept into our society. I wonder should we blame Britishers for our current pathetic condition? Not at all. In the last so many years, we still are trying to bind and divide ourselves at the same time. Ironical and disturbing?

How is it that a small group of people can disturb the peace and harmony of a huge country like India? How is it that the element of fear keeps overcoming the feeling of integrity and values of the nation? How is it that time and again we fall on our knees and start begging at false shadows of Satan aka terrorists? How is it that we come under the impression of some cynic politicians and start dividing the country on the basis of the part of the country we have come from? The North Indians, the South Indians, the West Indians, the East Indians and what not? Aren't we weak? Yes we are.

I appreciate the resilience of Mumbai at this moment. The spirit of Mumbai has always been of the highest level. But still I want to ask a question? Those people who say that Mumbai is only for Maharashtrians, where are they now in these difficult times? Are those dying solely natives of Mumbai? Are those brave rescuers only Mumbaikars? They are human beings first and then Indians and then anything else.

One of my friends Sameer messaged me, "We are a bunch of castrated males!", Aren't we?, "We are in a matrix the same one.. situation controlling us rather than we controlling the situation."
Another actor friend, Manish, who has worked in the movie, "A Wednesday", messaged, "I think 'A WEDNESDAY' should release twice or thrice every year to make people understand their responsibilities and to avoid terrorism. As the reason for terrorism is nothing but the reflection of the fear within the population."

These are comments which have come out of fear, hatred, anger and sympathy. This is just the reflection of what is going on inside the mind and heart of an average Indian. This common man should realize his misdoings and start afresh. He is responsible for all that has been done and will be in the future. Any country is built by the common man and the unfortunate part is that when such incidents happen, the common man has to bear the brunt of it. This is ridiculous as well as saddening.

How is it that any religion allows killing of innocent human beings? If it does, then it is the most unfortunate thing I've ever heard. The religion of humanity is the greatest religion and will continue to do so until the apocalypse. It is just that realization which is stopping the common man to take actions. When he does so, things will start to change. We will change. Our world will change.

I hope, the IRON MAN inside every human being ascends to counter these barbaric acts and people for establishing a civilized society and a better world to live.
Please read KK's view here. He has written an outstanding post on the situation.


Anonymous said...

I can't get over the shock of the Mumbai events still. More so, because a senior of mine died in Cafe Leopold's. It's very disturbing.

The reason really is the lack of political will to stand up and take action. Our democracy has become so ineffective that they are unable to take actions even against the biggest perpetrators of terror. May I ask - what became of the Parliament attack? How did we punish the terrorists there? Did we do enough after that? Or the spate of attacks that have destroyed lives across the country this year. What has the government done?

We do need an IRON MAN to deal with the situation in the country. We need to take some tough decisions and beef up our intelligence network.

One more problem is -- the people who are now protecting us - the army, the NSG -- do we give them enough respect? Which young man or woman today wants to join the security forces? We need to restore the glory (and money) in this profession if we are to have a strong defense.

Anonymous said...

I stay very close to the places where the terrorist attacked, I was scared sitting at home.

Well it is said 'be the change you want to see.'

On my part, I try to make myself more aware of the political situation in our country.