Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks nithya!

Thanks Nithya for such a nice award. I dunno whether I deserve it or not but it is worth the take. I think that I am not matured enough to give awards but this time, as a blog friend, I would like to forward this award to some of the blogs which I follow.
(I won't give any introduction about the person. I want you to visit their blogs and know them) :-)

Mathematical Poetry by Kaz Masalanka
Laketrees - Kim Barker
Digital Neurons
Which main? What cross? - Gopal


Kim said...

thanks so much for this lovely award Anandi ...
you have made my day :) :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks boss :) This is lovely :)
and you very much deserve the honours!

Slogan Murugan said...

THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amit Saurav said...

Thanks bora... This is my first award.. Will try to live up to it.. :D

littleindian said...

Thanks Anand,

never thought I'll get nominations for two academy awards, :-D

I got this one from MsCutePants - justhaven't been able to get time to display it on my sidebar.

Many thanks, I am not refusing, but I shouldn't be greedy -
I guess there will be someone with a real good blog who can take this place.