Friday, October 19, 2007

Ever wondered, how alone is a tree!

Some time back I thought of posting this one but did not post it.
I think it is not very well written. May be I'll improve it.

So here it is,

Solitude of the tree, an inkling of 'life',
Is so unknown, night and day;
We enjoy the shade and its halcyon ambience,
Instantaneously, our worries get blown away.

The tree bears the 'ruthless' Sun,
Stubborn life is the stubborn tree,
It stands the deluge of 'time'
Strong foundation is the key.

Wrath of nature impounded on the body,
Loses leaves, loses magnificence, loses tenacity,
Still it stands tall against the odds;
Its solitary life is full of acerbity.

Onset of spring - the greenery flutters;
Cheers, joys, happiness
Inside it discovers, it is still alone,
Lies are more and truth is less.

The feelings - underneath the bark,
Oozing droplets of sap - one, two, three;
Life and tree are essentially analogous,
Ever wondered, how alone is a tree!

Anand Bora


Unknown said...

The roots run deep, the secret it keeps. A tree is not alone and not one-self, as it too multiple and duplicate itself. A tree like lives, it takes and gives. But tree hold no lies till it dies...can we? like that tree?

Iris said...

There is beauty and there is pain in this poem of yours.

Anonymous said...


that what I was about write a lone tree is a tree of hope.

Stubborness in right things is called determination.