Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gist of "OLD LOVE"

Old Love is a story of two Doctorate students William and Phillipa written by Jeffrey Archer. I was very fascinated and couldn't resisting writing a small gist of what it contains.

Both are extremely intelligent and intellectual. They both study in Oxford and they are staunch competitors. Still they used to teach each other sometimes. This continued for three years and they both kept equivocating each other in all aspects.

Then came a time of the award of Old Durham Charles Oldham (corrected based on comments and review). This award was given for the best essay by a student. They both do their bit to achieve the award. It so happened that Phillipa's dad died of cancer and she was very depressed. Then William supported her and took her to her home. At some instant he realized that he was in love with Phillipa and so he proposed her on the condition that he won the prize.

The result was out. For the first time, two winners were declared and both of them won the Old Durham Prize. William and Phillipa married after winning the Prize. They kept competing with each other even after the marriage. They were both efficient in their fields of interests. Both of them got offers from different people for work with equal importance. When William was given Knighthood, Phillipa was also given the opportunity to sit beside the Queen.

The only edge Phillipa had over William was that she used to solve The Times Crossword in half the time what William used to do. Phillipa couldn't bear a child to William. They were now old enough but had enough reputation by now. Once Phillipa was not getting a word in the Crossword. William instantaneously filled that word "WHYM WHAM" which Phillipa argued that the word does not exist in the Oxford Dictionary and it is no word in dictionary. William took a bet with Phillipa that if the word existed then Phillipa would read some book(I dont remember the name) which Phillipa hated.

After that William went to his college library. At that moment, Phillipa got a heart attack and she died. Nobody dare give this news to William but somehow he was informed. Then he was found dead in his cabin with a pistol in one hand and a book in other hand.
In that book, the word "WHYM WHAM" was underlined.

That book was never separated from his hand.

Do read this story in A Quiver Full of Arrows by Jeffrey Archer.


Basil Epicurus said...

One of my all-time favorite stories. So moving.

భావకుడన్ said...

THE best short story I have ever come accross-if intelligence is your turn on-then this must bethe ultimate love story-it was for me

Unknown said...

if anyone thinks this is THE best short story , or one of time's BEST short stories , then he/she hasn't been exposed to some decent short stories.
Clearly, this is NOTHING compared to SEVERAL other shorts that provide a much higher order of thought.

Agni Bose said...

I agree with Rishav. This would make a good Shahrukh Kajol movie, with several gender fights etc. But the content is crap.

Unknown said...

this is a great story,one which fills the reader with warmth and happiness simply because of the way it is written and also the theme.but i would like to point out a mistake,the essay competition was called Charles Oldham and not old durham.if you can, please correct the mistake.

Unknown said...
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anandi said...

A story is a story. It can never be crap. It is something like art. The beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder. The only difference is that sometimes the perception varies according to the people. It is weird that some people forget to appreciate the amount of thought the author must have put inside in coining a story. He might have commercial intent but the goal of making the audience feel about it is always achieved. An intellectual story might be a crap one for a romantic reader and vice versa. It's all about perception and relativity.

Unknown said...

The story has some inner meaning which common people would not understand.
The storyline is hard and very different from many romantic stories

Unknown said...

Ummm... Note to the author.. u've written the prize as the durham prize.. its actually the Charles Oldham prize

insignificant i know.. but i had to point it out

Unknown said...

well the award was 'Charles Oldham' I guess..but in the bolg it's written something else.
I maybe wrong but still I feel the same.

chiara dcruz' said...

I cant Bring myself to agree with you. The story is quite heavy yes, but the way it has been written is very entertaining and the entire idea of love has been expressed so beautifully.

NH7 said...

Umm .. Actually in this review essential points have been missed and story somewhat misinterpreted.