Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rendezvous with reality

I came back from a city called Munger..
Its a versy small city with basically a village culture
in its backdrop..
But here I am not going to write about the city..
I am just talking about the relation of poverty and real India..
I went to RIMS yesterday for some social work..
We were to distribute some stuff among the patients..
I was doing just that..
Suddenly at some point of time..
One of the patients in Ortho Department said - "Sir.. can u please give me some money too.. I dont have any money.. I have not eaten anything substancial since 6 days and I dont expect any money in the near future from anybody."
At this moment.. I was really touched.. But due to serious involvement in that work I couldnt give any thought..
At the night time.. i started to think about the situation..
Back from countryside and then encountering such a case.. I thought whats the need of all the money people are earning.. whats the need of all the technologies we are building.. when we cant feed our own people...
So much pain is there in the world and we keep on harping on our petty troubles..
When will the ambience of living transform in the broader sense...
The condition is pathetic..
But still..
We got to go back to the Vedas and the Gita for answers..
This is what I thought...
Thinking ... Thinking...
I slept...

The answer I realized - "Do your Karma"

Anand Bora

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