Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Travelling in Diversity

Colors, gradients, patterns and tiles
Variation encountered along through the miles
My sojourn featuring the truth
Differences apart, integrity lies in this national booth.

Testing the wheels are the rails
Tries to win, but always fails
'Bonding' remains the keyword
Though diverse, moving the India forward.

Class, creed, sect and religion
Bigger aspect is the point of region
All belong to the common crew
Like the vanishing point of a perspective view.

South to North, East to West
Travelling in India seems to be the best
Flavours, customs, living and lifestyle
Believe me, all are having Indian profile.

Language is the frozen wall with holes inside
But in this voyage, there's sun outside
Travelling in India has become my passion
The world knows, its' 'unifying' attraction.

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