Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Witch

During the lifetime I have had, I have not seen a successful love life.
I wrote two poems --
"Hand Mirror and the Comb" which praises the female entity.
"The Witch" which shows the negative side.
I won't post the former one.
This poem is dedicated to my dear friend, who
got ditched by his girl friend.

The Witch

Her innocent face resembles a goddess,
Beware!! She is a witch in disguise.
You get swayed in her soothing styles,
Only to land up in dismay.
She feigns to be your partner,
But at heart - you discover, you're forlorn.
Her plastic face hides her 'green' heart,
Which is devoid of warmth and sanguine fervor.
Her sorcery enchants your senses,
And her spells guide your emotions.
She uses you, tempts you, plays with you;
The feminine bait tricks the fatuous male.
By the time - you realize...
You are at the brink of annihilation.

Anand Bora

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None said...

Doesn't this regard to all of us women dear?
Never ever listen to one part of a could be wrong.