Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One of the wierd creations of my mind

I wrote this one in my teenage years :)


Bounded, closed, boxed, cuffed, trapped
Nothing but I see, the minds.
Chained and roped around by
the physical and chemical changes though worldly.
Brains governing the attitudes, the character
but seems to be a corrupt government.
That naturally is.....
Hard to find an honest one
This mental tug of war tearing them apart
or so to say everybody
The circumstances, situations and events
Driving the capital government crazy.
Trap of emotions being deviced
The gray matter tries to hold on the convulsions.
But these convulsions very meagre
Compared to the logical ones.
The trap more like a swamp
Keeps on pulling you and me.
You and I still hold on that hanging banyan
In hope to survive
The government continues...
Loaded with nexuses and sectors of traps
Clutches on my mind - Silicon carbide.

Anand Bora

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None said...

This was written in your teenage years? O my dear what were you thinking about in these what we call 'puberty years'?

But I guess my puberty years were different, cause they are almost 50 years ago.

*Sh..* did I say that? My God I am OLD !!!!

Have a pleasant weekend my dear friend.