Monday, September 17, 2007

lesser KNOWNS - Larry Tesler

I will be starting a series where I will
talk about some people whom we don't know,
but they have contributed a lot to our lives.

Have you ever wondered about the CCP thing?
I mean the Cut, Copy & Paste. You would be
using it 'n' times a day, but did you ever
care about finding about the creator of the
technology which has drastically eased the
lives of the people.

I think that no one hardly cares.

Out of curiosity, I found this man on wiki
and I was pleased to see his profile too.

Good work LARRY TESLER!!

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1 comment:

Yuna said...

TQ Anand n TQ to Mr Larry Tesler! It makes my life A LOT more easier EVERDAY!

CUT! Take my words out of it and COPY!Please PASTE it to your mouth! Wow...I even invent a KISS out of Larry Tesler CCP! hahahahaha....

Cheers Anand