Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another Blogger's Meet

I attended yet another meet of Bangalore Bloggers on Saturday.
This time, the meet was heavily influenced with discussions which
I guess, were not very relevant in the context.

I know, that people would be against me.
But my point is, as a blogger we should be more open
and should support feelings like freedom of expression, which
in itself is self explanatory.

Nobody wants to be tied down. The issue of the discussion was
- Flooding the Blogaloreans mailing list with unnecessary mails.

The question was - "How to decide the demarkation line between
necessary and unnecessary?" I guess this question has only one
answer which can be decided by the individual himself.
Belonging to a community, the individual is responsible for what
he/she does.

The debate may go on...

Anyways, on my part, I never found any issue with what happened.
This may be because, I am a very strong supporter of Freedom of
Expressions & Thoughts. I am never bothered about the way it is

Apart from this, I enjoyed a lot during the meet.
Played a game called KODA which was taught by Vinu
on the spot. Also, had some nice chat with Prayank.

Overall, the meet was productive and sensible.


Yuna said...

Don't care what other people responsibility!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you :-)