Saturday, July 07, 2007

I see only eyes

This pic has been taken from my friend, SloganMurugan's site.
I have written this poem on his long awaited request.

I see only eyes

This ochre black ambience under diminishing sunlight;
Says something, though in tranquility.
The dark phlegmatic crow seems a knight,
Standing still but ready to roar.

The surreal silence evokes feelings,
Fear, suspense, curiosity.
The 'dark' birds are Satan's siblings,
The demon looks inside 'your' door.

Abyssmal darkness seems to grow,
Eating up the fauna around.
Sign of pandemonium is the crow,
Blinded - I see only eyes.
Anand Bora


None said...

Very very nice !!

Love it ...

Francis Scudellari said...


Anonymous said...

ooooh....delightfully dark and foreboding

Slogan Murugan said...