Friday, June 05, 2009

A quiz

Lets play a MAGE (Do I really mean MAGE or GAME?)

Again my age old characters Jamvanth and Hanuman are engaged
in a talk full of puzzles.

Jamvanth: Which is the sport in which you are free to use the long handle?
Hanuman: (Thinking).....
Jamvanth: Simple... ?

Jamvanth: Another question. I tied a knot in your mind, how would you unwind?
Hanuman: That's creepy. I'm absolutely not sure what are you talking about?
Jamvanth: Hahahaha.. Simple.. You'll ?
Hanuman: What!

Hanuman: You are confusing.
Jamvanth: Ok. Now an easy one. What is the philosophy involving a relic and a legion?
Hanuman: Oops! Hint please!
Jamvanth: The answer lies in the question.
Hanuman: I'm clueless. Hmm.. Is it CULTURE?
Jamvanth: Hmm.. You are close.
Hanuman: I don't know. What's the answer?
Jamvanth: ?
Hanuman: I should have got that one.

Jamvanth: What comes before a movie releases. It is thrilling, exciting, astounding, scintillating,
enticing and refreshing?
Hanuman: So many words of praise. Which movie is releasing in the next weekend?
Jamvanth: Give me the answer dude. The hint lies in the question and it is a one word answer.
Hanuman: Is it a TRAILER?
Jamvanth: Damn! Try hard. You are getting there.
Hanuman: I don't know what is the exact word you want.
Jamvanth: It's a ?

Jamvanth: What is the one useful thing which is a subset of a battery or a human liver?
Hanuman: I'm bowled on this one.
Jamvanth: Oh gosh! This one is a disruptive technology.
Hanuman: Still not getting it.
Jamvanth: ?

Jamvanth: Very well. What's the action that: "chopping users' texts, cloning of paper yard, patching at soft trivial enclosure."
Hanuman: Make complete non sense.
Jamvanth: Sometimes you should try to make sense in non sense stuff. Just think how a mother makes
sense of her children's nonsense talk.
Hanuman: But your words make really no sense.
Jamvanth: They do. Try to think about the question and answer.
Hanuman: No way!
Jamvanth: ?

Answer all the questions if you can? They are marked as "?"
I'll post the answers soon. :P


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