Monday, May 18, 2009

Marriage or no marriage

Please don’t get offended by the dialogues of the characters and what they say as I don’t mean them. Even I respect the characters and am their devotee.

This is a small write up which came to my mind just this morning. Following is a fictional dialogue between Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman and the Roman god of love, Cupid.

It is 2250 BC and three aforesaid Lords coincidentally meet beside the Hari river in the Hindukush mountains. The battle of Mahabharata is over and Krishna as usual is moving around the world to relieve the people of their pain and sorrow. Hanuman, by his nature, keeps roaming in the search of more knowledge and wisdom. Cupid is the only lord who came down to that place unexpected.

All the three are happy to meet and they engage in a conversation. Being Gods, they recognize each other in no time.

[Note: Krishna is the most romantic lord and has been married the most number of times in Indian mythology. Hanuman has never had an affair. Cupid is the god of erotic LOVE and beauty]

Hanuman (thinking): WTF! Lord Krishna and Lord Cupid at the this place. I should show my reverence and move out as soon as possible.

Hanuman: Greetings Lords.

Cupid and Krishna: Greetings Hanuman.

Hanuman: How come we meet here? Lord Krishna, you must knowing about this situation beforehand, isn't it?

Krishna: Hanuman, I don't stop things from happening and occurances always take place at their own time.

Cupid: I was fed up with the Italian eroticism and thought of going out to a cool and spiritual place. Hindukush happens to be the closest one.

Krishna: Anyways, Hanuman what brings you to such a serene and romantic place? Are you searching for your partner?

Hanuman: Oh.. no my lord. You know that I have taken an oath to live a bachelor's life. How can I even think of such a situation.

Krishna: Thats true! But haven't you ever thought of marriage?

Hanuman: I have never thought about it. My purpose in life doesn't go hand in hand with the marriage thingy.

Cupid: But why are you so much against marriage?

Hanuman: I'm not against it. It's just that, it is not my purpose. I would never see women with those intentions.

Cupid (thinking): Damn! If people start thinking like him, I would cease to have a purpose. After all, I sow the seed for the growth of human geneology.

Krishna: Hanuman, its true for you. But marriage is a beautiful bond. Just look at me, I'm a vastly experienced person. I married 84000 times and still I'm a very happy person.

Hanuman: But lord, how do you tackle all your wives? After all, you are still in human form?

Cupid: Yes, lord Krishna, even I can't think about a person who has so many wives and still happy. (thinking – Lord is a SUPER Human. You need special powers to maintain so many wives)

Hanuman: I have one more question O lord! How do you understand women? I think that is the most tricky and difficult part?

Krishna: Hahaha. A very difficult question and I think I'm not the right person to answer that one.

Hanuman: I'm bemused. How is it that you cannot answer that question my lord?

Krishna: I can. But it's just that you won't understand.

Cupid: Very true.

Hanuman: I insist.

Krishna: What should I say? Discontent, passionate, fragile, caring, insecure, tough, reserved. Those are the few words describing her. With "FEW", I mean few. As women cannot be mapped onto words. They are so unpredictable that even they don't understand their nature. They want to flow as a river but at the same time, they want to be restricted by a dam. They want to be like the wind, but simultaneously, they want to be silent. They are ambitious more than the word "AMBITION" but still they want to have a lowly and happy life. They want to be loved but still their ego surpasses their feelings. They want to have all the materialistic happiness of the world and surprisingly, they want to be religious and happy with utmost peace of mind. You would be surprised to know that every girl dreams of a perfect husband even if she has lots of imperfections.

Cupid: (Grinning) Yes. Love. That's what I inspire.

Hanuman: Too complex to digest.

Krishna: Hahahaha.. Quite natural.

Hanuman: So why should a man with a clear mind marry a woman even when he knows that she is so complex. I mean he can remain like me.

Krishna: It's the NATURE, Hanuman. For the nature to survive and flourish, reproduction is a must activity. Since the onset of life, the growth of humanity has taken place due to the unison of a man and a woman. As man became civilized, he brought the concept of marriage and hence, people marry.

Cupid: Interesting. Since the time I have been around, marriage was not necessary. Only "LOVE" was. :P

Hanuman: Civilized! That's a tough word. Are woman civilized?

Krishna: Better ask Cupid. Hahahaha..

Cupid: (ashamed)

Krishna: On a serious note. Yes, women are civilized. And, I think its their nature. They are meant to do so. If they aren't then no family would be bound to a family. They would be they greatest cause of disintegration of a family and consequently, a civilization.

Hanuman: That's a good point.

Krishna: I have given lots of explanations. What do you say now about Marriage?

Cupid (intervenes): I think he agrees. After all, he's also got balls.

Hanuman: As for me, I would like to be away from such a complexity. It is good to respect her but one should remember that a woman has been a cause for major destructions in history. But agreeing to your point of view, I support the concept of marriage when a man and a woman are compatible to each other. Even a 10% variation would lead to disintegration and unsuccessful marriage and life. But I'll always stand by the saying, "One should do his own work." A woman should never forget her work even if she's doing man's work and the same goes for the man.

Krishna: Hanuman, you already know the meanings of "MARRIAGE". I hope the world knows about it.

Hanuman: Thanks my lord, Adieu!


Chaitali said...

Okay though I was frowning and smilingat the same time, while reading Lord Krishna's description about women, because I thought it was pretty close, except I disagree to these three qualities 'discontent, fragile, insecure' Sounded like men to me (I mean women have much more inner strength than men.)

Ash said...

Interesting :-)