Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm happy that my favourite lyricist got an Oscar for "Jai Ho". :D So, I thought of translating my favourite song "Tujhse Naaraaz .." from the movie Masoom.

Here it goes..

I'm not displeased by you, O! Life, I'm perplexed!
I'm perplexed!
I'm worried by your innocent questions;
I'm worried!

I had never thought, I'd have to hold pain to live;
If I smile, I would have to get rid of a debt for that smile;
When I smile sometimes, I feel..
A debt on my lips.
I'm not....

If they got filled today, drops would pour down;
Who knows? Eyes may yearn for them tomorrow.
Don't know where it got lost, disappeared whither?
I had hidden a tear.
I'm not....

O Life! Your sorrows have made me understand new relations;
What we get! We get cold shadows under sun.
I'm not....

[I have written about him earlier too.]

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Chaitali Shah said...

Beautiful song! I am quite a fan of Shekhar Kapur. I love his poems. Check out his website, just google his name.