Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Experience of a lifetime - Contd.

After meeting Benj, I met other mathematical artists (mostly mathematicians) who had come. Elaine, who is a retired professor, makes mathematical quilts. Honestly speaking, they are wonderful. You must have a look at her site. She told that she took 382 hours to make one of the quilts. It had Leonardo's claws in it.
Umphh.. there is so much to write. I would suggest you guys should go to the sites of the respective mathematical artists and check out their works. Some time I'll try to put up all the links of the artists.

Benj, Edmund and his girl friend and David Bailey had come from UK on a car. It was evening and I had met most of the people by now. I was feeling hungry. Benj and others were going out. I accompanied them. We went to Dutch restaurant SPINOZA (It seems that Spinoza was some famous person of the Renaissance period). I, being vegetarian had to bear a lot in the foreign country. :-(
So, I had the Italian Lasagna. We tried the Rosa Beer.

We headed for the boat hotel. On the boat, we met Robert McDermott and Nate. And also not to forget, Erik Kurvenbau. Robert is quite old but a lovable personality. He is the head of the Visualization Department at the University of Utah. Robert shared a lot of his experiences with us through out our stay on the boat hotel for 5 days. Nate is an undergraduate student at the UCB.
Erik - I would like to mention the style of his introduction. "My name is Erik with a K not C." Erik is a Scottish who is the owner of a company which owns the Tess3D software. He has a fantastic sense of humor and his Scottish accent of English speaking is clumsy but nice.

Soon, Eva Knoll and Simon Morgan arrived. Both are mathematicians and teach at universities in US.

We sat on the dining and started chatting after an informal introduction.

I'll try to finish in next post. :D

BTW, I met Matt in Amsterdam who just forwarded me a link. I strongly recommend to see the link. It is just marvelous.

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sounds like a wonderful experience Anandi !!!
I have an award for you at my site :)
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