Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm a lover of INEVITABILITY

I am a lover of the INEVITABILITY - DEATH.
Sounds weird. Isn't it? It sounds weird to me too.

But that's the truth.

I am always so pessimistic about Life as I think that life can leave you any moment. So there is no assurance of the next moment coming your way.

This ideology got a boost recently when I came to know the last sermon of the Great Ravana.

His last words were:
"Enmity gives birth to anger. Anger gives birth to EGO and EGO gives birth to Self Destruction. The person who remembers his death all time would not feel the pain at the time of his Death."
Isn't that thoughtful?

Then what is the purpose of LIFE?
That's a good question.

How many people among us know the purpose of their life? I guess, not even 10%.
People come into this world. They live their infancy, their adolescence and their youth. This is the time when they should know the PURPOSE. But most of us don't realize that purpose. We fall into the rat race. We think about doing all kinds of things we can. We study and pursue degrees like Engineering, MBA etc.

But again I ask, do we know the purpose?

I think NO. Only at the time of DEATH, a person realizes what he was supposed to do. I appreciate those people who have realized the purpose beforehand and they walk on that path irrespective of the results. Kudos to them.

Hmm.. what more should I write?
People would be asking me about the purpose of my life. To tell frankly, I know the purpose and I'm walking on that path. I know, I have responsibilities, I don't have money to make a better living, I am struggling. But the most important part is I know the purpose of my LIFE.

I thank my deity, my goddess MAA KAALI for helping me to know my path and purpose.

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Ash said...

The purpose of life.....is a life of purpose??