Sunday, February 10, 2008


These are some intertwined words which make you think every now and then.
These words keep tingling your mind and a person is driven by these factors in his life.

What is more important?
How do I parameterise success?

Does success mean - Getting into the best school, get the best education, get the best company to work for, get to work with the best people and make handsome amount of money.

What is the exact definition?

I am clueless and I am still trying to find the answer.

My friend says, Success is to achieve what you have been destined to achieve.
Is it so?
Then, what about the dreams? What about the ambitions?

I am still clueless.
May be someone would have the answer.


littleindian said...

One man's success can well be another's failure.

Success is a nebulous concept, for it has no standards. The endpoint that would define success is uniquely different to each individual. That too may not be static, but changes with changing perspectives.

Someone said
"success is not the goal, success is the road".
I have lived by it. I have no regrets.

I am surely amongst the 'also rans' of life.
But I run clean.
I stop to admire I stop to help.
I will be happy to reach as far as I can without compromising my beliefs and principles.

Have I succeeded?
I am happy that I have. Others may disagree. I don't give a toss.

It is my life, I will find my own definitions, I want to be happy in way I live. And content with what ever I may have and / or achieve.

I will not judge my "successes or failures" by another's criteria.

Kim said...

success is a journey...with moments of happiness sprinkled along the way....
you were my random pick last week Anand and there is an award for you at my place :)