Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Signal Of Joy

One year back I was in New Delhi for a training in my company
which deals in Telecom software.
During that time, we all people went to a Disco for party which
was titled 'CDMA'. I was accompanied by people from
different parts of India and we had loads of fun.

I wrote a poem in that clamorous environment which is a
mixture of telecommunication and literature.

Emotions pouring through the body,
Feelings are sublime.
Warm triggers flowing in the neural structure;
Only frequency of joy varying with time.

Music beats analogous to discrete signals,
Welcome transforms cherished in life.
Cerebrations vanishing to a point;
Smothered by a 'jovial' knife.

People involved in convergent talk,
Multiplexing the threads of happiness.
Frequencies of different directions
Encoding India into a sense of oneness.

The techies emulating the demigods,
Their schemes - GSM, Telephony & CDMA.
Scenario reliquishing the mind;
Enjoyment - The synonym is CDMA.

Anand Bora


Kim said...

I love this poem Anand....
would I be able to put this on my poetry /art blog PoeARTica....with one of your images and a short can email me at kim[at] with the info if you are interested...
have a great day !!!

anandi said...

Thanks a lot Kim!

Anonymous said...

I have copied this poem and will post tomorrow at PoeARTica Anand....
you can send your image by email to me if you wish..
your poetry is very impressive !!!.....

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