Sunday, October 21, 2007

Durga Puja

Yesterday, I successfully completed my Navratri fasting (fasting for
9 days).
Maa Durga has been a revelation in my life as her blessings have
always been on me.

I was happy that my dedication towards the goddess was increasing.
At the same time, I was sad that I could not go to my native place
and enjoy the fun during "DURGA PUJA". It's been five long years
and I still miss it.
The crowd of devotees, the hustle and bustle of the Puja pandals,
the cuisines.
Why is it that the Puja is not celebrated in the same manner
in Bangalore as in the eastern part of India?
I know this question doesn't make much sense as every place
is different with its variegated culture and tradition.
Still, this question unconditionally hovers my mind.
In Hindi, we have a saying, "Jaisa Desh waisa Bhesh"
which means "As the country, so is you guise."
So that's how it is.
Nevertheless, I pray that the goddess usher her blessings
over all the beings of the World.

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