Monday, April 30, 2007


So beautiful and so sublime;
Deep as the ocean and abyssmal as time.
The greatest gift to mankind,
The source through which feeling unwind.
It's true, The eyes say everything.

The 'feel' universe exists in the dot;
A blink is enough to tie an emotional knot.
Signs of love cannot be hidden,
They are the enchanting jewels of a maiden.
It's true, The eyes say everything.

Language of the eyes is unique;
Moods are visible, be it joy or fatigue.
Passion, obsession and anger,
They turn RED - a sign of danger
It's true, The eyes say everything.

Their shrinking evokes curiousity;
Probably insinuating jealousy.
Partially showing the state of mind,
Exception is the case of the blind.
It's true, The eyes say everything.

Saline droplets residing at the periphery;
Times of sorrow - they flow continuously.
Deep grief can never be healed,
Still life goes on, as the sight of hope is revealed.
It's true, The eyes say everything.

Anand Bora

This poem still seems incomplete. In the edited version which I am not going to publish, I will complete it.

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