Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BLACK (Reviewed and Modified Version)

Silky purdah drooping down the Asian face
Covering the Angel.. Enchantment is BLACK.

The savior reflects the essence divine
Krishna hypnotizing the mind.. 'Maya' is BLACK.

Education has a fruitful termination
Degrees.. Handling is BLACK.

Youth is the crème of life
Signs.. Variety apart, the positive is BLACK.

Artist molding art and design
Immaculate.. The pen is BLACK.

Virgin glistering with diamond line
Sparkle.. The 'source' is BLACK.

The time for departure has come
Kin's attire.. The feeling is BLACK.

Ability, abnormality, out of ordinary
Helpless mortals.. The struggle is BLACK.

Kills and Bills for bovine beings
Leathery products.. Luxury is BLACK.

Beloved parted with time
Pain.. The void in heart is BLACK.

Sunny days radiating energy
Short-lived.. Silent nights are BLACK.

Betraying the inside, foxing outside
Reflections of self... The shadow is BLACK.

The truth is certain and certainty holds
Impasse eliminated.. 'Truth' is BLACK.

Anand Bora

Many thanks to Puneet.. my best friend!!


samar said...

nice poem, mate.Subtelity always charms(and ur poem has loads of it)...

keep 'em coming.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Wonderful poem! May I say: He who can rise beyond society’s psychological abyss to value black is wise; He, who can capture the essence of the fractural reflections of ebony in words for all to see and share the beauty, is even wiser.

Vatsal Maheshwari said...

the words in the ink may appear BLACK,
but in emotions there is no slack,
black is royal, and royal is black,
keep writing in black,
and wait for my comments i will soon be back...

Harshita ~ on cloud no 9 said...

i'm out of words.its owsum.u hav changed my perception for black.i was searchin 4 sumthin lik dat.'n I think i'll stop here for a while.
keep goin'. 'coz sky is NOT d limit. wanna know frm where,when & how u got this BLACK thought.(here black is a compliment for ur thoughts)