Friday, March 04, 2005

By The Road

Walking by the road, I felt disturbed
Tangible though intangible…..
A sense making me fervent
A realization – spearheaded by, thoughts
overflowing with ‘natural’ flavors.
Greenery, though not of jealousy,
filling my heart with tranquility.
Serenity in my mind, provided
by this architecture of divine.
The chirps, the flutter and cackling
sounds like music to me.
Cleaning my convulsions,
like the meandering Ganges.
The austerity of the virgins,
belittled by this immortal bliss.
It’s the ‘nature’ I see,
Pure, placid and free.

This was designed at a moment I was going by the road.
I saw a tree and beneath the tree there were few girls.
Just above, there was a window projection.
A typical moment
A crow flew like you would see in the movies slowly
very slowly just like the cameras were running at
thousands of frames per sec.
A squirrel came by and there was something in its eyes ....
Nature overpowering everything in terms of beauty.


markandey said...

Nice blog

Eastcoastdweller said...

Ordinary, peaceful moments like that can often inspire beautiful verse such as You have written!