Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Trembling Line

Sitting on the bench
On the verge of starting a new script
I look on...
The human trembling line.

Emotions pouring through the face
Distressed, disgusted and abase
Awaiting the parchment of life
Answers are the literal wife.

Confidence reflects on the physignomy
Determination shines on some...
That 'some' is an important factor
Others suffer due to lust of 'playful' nectar.

The line I refer to...
Is the queue of 'studs' on scrutiny
Performing in the hall wont be a cakewalk
Testing the mettle - a product of bark.

Words guiding the cardiac senses
Ink committing innumerous offenses
Hope....coordination remains incessant
'Period' makes the line stagnant.

Anand Bora

This poem was written in a very eccentric situation.
I was in my exam hall waiting for the exam to start.
I could see my batchmates sitting on the other bench
in a row. I thought of jotting down the emotions
exhibited by their faces.

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samar said...

Hey Buddy!
Never knew you had such well developed right brain.Keep going.Looking forward to your newer posts.